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BOCTMH1 OF THE                                                                887

expressed  that is, of body* so'nl, and stibstaaee  is couched in the folowing
terms : 

" OHL Hie God Krisksm is my refuge. Bistraeted by the infinite
and torment caused by the separation. from Krishna, wMcfa. has extended over &
space of time measured by thousands of years, I now3 to the holy Kxishna, do
dedicate my bodily facalties? my life, my scrai^ and its belongings^ with my wif0s
HIT noose, my ckildreaf my whole mbstance, and my own self. 03 Elrislma ; I
am th servant."*

.J aH tbis may be so iaterpreted as to eomvey a most nnesceptioimHe
meaning : that man shoidd coiise^aate to God7 wholly aad without reserve, Ms
body, soul, and snbstaaee, Ms every thought^ word, and action? and aH that ha
imsj or doeSj or suffers, iiiat smch consecration is sufficient to hallow and ennoble
the meanest actions of our ordinary life and is an effectual preservative firoia
all evil, while even good works dome without such consecration are oBprofitable
and " have even the nature of sin*"!   TMs Is the doctrine of Christuffiity,
it may e dednced from VaDabh&ch&rya's irevelation without forcaj^ fte
of a           word.   But titoogh there may be some sight doubt as to Ms own

views, there can be none as to those entertained by Ms         immediate' succes-

sors        transmitted by tbeiqi to his disciples at the present day.   For Gokul-
ii, who is regarded as Hie most aniiioritatiYe exponent of Ms
tenets^ repeatedly insists im all his works, m& ifae aaoSt marked
absolute identity of the Gromitt wiiii the Diviniiy4   ^ ^* ^e g ^2i a
beyond ibis, and represents ihe CJo^in as so powerfe! a                      jLxao*

ticaliy Ms favour is of more importftoce to us than Gi)d*8 : for, if         is dii-
G0saiii can deprecate Hs wrath ; but if the Gom is

* 1MB temala. i% 1 itni, fcassd en a passage in tlie Nfesda Fvicliaritra,.
f Tie        dimioc itistai Hie ^clnne of the Anglieui* bni cot of t!%
I IMs oteTagsat d&'2trln2 pexra^a &!! the !&te YaisimATE seli'-o^j and is               sj
tbe disclpliss of Cimtttiya no less tlm by tojsw of YatWAiiMiyE.   13tt                 ^oa
is resta Is a UBS In tte Hrfgwml, wten tte, Sum is